TDS Forever Changes

Updates - 5/11/17

  • Added Taming requirements page to website
  • Added Alchemy requirements page to website
  • Added Lumberjacking requirements page to website

Updates - 4/28/17

  • Level 5 & 6 Slayers have been returned back to their full glory. They will now do a full 50 or 60 damage (level 5/6) per swing instead of a damage range.
  • "Generic Weapons" (Bloodthirst, Dread Fire, Excitation, Voodoo, Bloodfang, Thunderbolt) have been added back to all levels.

    These have been updated with new names/colors which more accurately represent what the uni effect was For example, bloodthirst was ditched in favor of names that represent what the weapon does - caused hallucination on crit Dime intends on bringing a "bloodthirst" weapon back which actually has a blood effect, or does something more than hallucination

  • A serious bug was fixed that allowed a player to use multiple bandages at one time. (If you discover a way to do this even though a fix has been applied, I urge you to page a GM. If you are caught exploiting it you will be jailed/banned)

Updates - 4/24/17

  • Added the Tailoring dusted requirements to the website.
  • Modified Mount Doom Forge so that it items that yield less than 1 resource in exchange (such as bandanas) it has a chance to burn up in the process and yield 0 return. This was necessary to prevent the possibility of endless resources from different craftable items.

Updates After Go Live

  • Swapped Bloodthirst (level 1) weapons with Life Stealing (level 5)
  • All OSI Dungeons should now be accessible. Please page a GM if you discover otherwise. (Huge thanks to Anubis for helping find them all)
  • Added new spawntypes to the codebase so that we can more easily spawn any unspawned content.
  • Made noob houses no longer give any house parts or gold on demolish and instead just give the deed back.

    This was needed due to players exploiting it.

Updated Shard Live Changes - 4/8/17

Here is a full list of changes that were made to existing gameplay that you need to know.

  • We have merged our code files with Korbans most up-to-date code providing many bug fixes/enhancements. Please make sure to grab the latest patch file from here!. If you see random snow and stuff you probably need to do a fresh install!
  • You can now access both the OSI map as well as the Custom Redemption map!
  • Slayers have been removed from uni levels 1-4. They are only available as level 5 & 6 and are meant to be end-game items.
  • As a start to our ongoing task of making uniques have a better variety per level, we have adjusted the generic weapons (Bloodthirst, Dreaded Fire, Extinction, etc) so that each one is specific to a certain uni level. The order of these types were decided based on how powerful they were.

    Level 1: Bloodthirst
    Level 2: Dreaded Fire
    Level 3: Extinction
    Level 4: Voodoo
    Level 5: Bloodfang
    Level 6: Thunderbolt
    Smoking, Soul Reaping and Life Stealing remain as level 5-6 unis

    The goal is to continue to add more unique items to each uni level so that there is more "uniqueness" to the unis rather than it just being flooded with generics.

  • Power Hour has been removed from the level up process. This is now something that can only be granted by TDS Staff when deemed appropriate.
  • Drop Rates have been adjusted. Level 1-4 has been slightly increased (made harder) while level 5-6 should be relatively the same. Drops will be monitored and will be adjusted if they are too hard/easy.
  • An RNG protection system has been put in place to make sure that if you go on an extreme bad luck streak your chances will be increased so you will get drops at a somewhat normalized chance.
  • It has been decided that AFK resource gathering will no longer be allowed and AFK checks will happen now at all skill levels.
  • The skillcap system has been reimplemented as so:

    Starting skill cap is 1000. That is 10 GM skills. To increase your skillcap you must hunt and level up. The rate at which your skillcap increases is as follows:

    Level 1-10 will grant +75 skillcap per level
    Level 11-20 will grant +150 skillcap per level
    Level 21-30+ will grant +300 skillcap per level.

    This essentially means by level 20 you will have access to majority of skills most players will need and by level 30 you will have enough cap for every skill in the game. We believe this is fair and provides a nice progression, but if it ends up being a little steep we can always adjust.

  • The skill required for mining ores has been adjusted so that it is no longer possible to mine the best ore in the game (Mithril ) using nothing but level 2 unis. Mithril now requires 188 mining. The website will be updated with all required skill levels asap.